The right property management firm can make a big difference in the work and personal life of investors and property owners. At Holtzman Real Estate Services we specifically design our services with your needs in mind. We offer a number of elements that you can piece together to create the perfect property management solution. Consider the following services we offer:

  • Research and Analysis – We know the area around Hinesville and can help you research the market in your neighborhood—setting your rental price perfectly.
  • Marketing – We offer a multimedia marketing solution—we’ll get your property out there and fill those vacancies as quickly as possible.
  • Credit Checks – We run credit checks on all potential tenants and make suggestions as to who the right tenant may be. However, the final choice is always yours.
  • Lease Agreements and Rental Assistance – Our real estate team can help you write a lease that protects you and your tenants.
  • Repair and Maintenance – Taking care of repairs and maintenance issues quickly is not only the key to satisfying your customers, but it also keeps your property in good shape and helps you improve your bottom line.
  • Customer Service – We’ll handle the rent collection and general customer service for your properties.

This is only the beginning of what we can offer. We are always happy to put together a custom solution for your particular needs.